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Re: IPS for Linux or Java

"Tom Clark (W3IWI)" wrote:
> "Frederick M. Spinner" wrote:
> > Oh, come on guys.. someone needs to write a 1802 IHU *EMULATOR* for Linux
> > (not Windoze, darn it!).  That's the real mans way to have an "Oscar" on
> > your desk!  If they can emulate a GameBoy on a Palm Pilot (which they do),
> > this should be a piece of cake.

There already is a PalmPilot FORTH interpreter called "Quartus".


> Boy -- this sounds like a solution in search of a problem If I ever saw
> one! If people are really interested in trying/using/experimenting with
> IPS, I again advise that you read James's versions of Karl's IPS Bible...
> Karl/James book available (for ~$40 depending on where you live) from James
> at
>          http://www.jrmiller.demon.co.uk/products/ipsbk.html

BTW, that page says AMSAT-NA has copies for sale--last time I talked to Martha
about it, they didn't have any more. For people who know FORTH already, the
downloadable doc from that site is probably enough for you to understand what's
going on.

> Wouldn't it be better to write an IPS (or FORTH -- they are virtually
> equivalent)...

Well, a *big* difference, especially for embedded applications like the IHU is
the fact that IPS can multitask...this is something that no FORTH implementation
I've ever used does, that I'm aware of. 

Making that statement ought to surface all the closet FORTH freaks on-list who
have multitasking 64-bit implementations running in their iPaqs or IBM Linux
Watches. :-) 

 "FORTH YOU LOVE IF HONK THEN" --geek bumpersticker from the 1980s....

73 de Maggie K3XS 

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