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Re: KISS this - TH-D7G, PG DOS?

Thank's Mike for bringing  Chris up to date on the D7AG, I also would
like to see this work with the "G", but I did get the D700 to work with
WiSP. I used the D700 to upload the files from AMSAT/NA  meeting in
Portland ME from the parking lot with an Arrow  antenna on a tripod,
laptop in back of my vehicle. So as far as I know  KISS is still broke on
the D7AG model. On the D700 broke list, full-duplex in APRS mode in the
D700 doesn't work, a bummer if you want to digi unproto's off of uo-22
while mobile.

73 Jeff kb2wqm

On Thu, 5 Apr 2001 09:30:07 EDT Mike73@aol.com writes:
> Howdy all,
> In all my work with the TH-D7A (G) I have yet to get it to work 
> reliably  with the 9k6 pacsats
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