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RE: KISS this - TH-D7G, PG DOS?

Hello Chris

> I've probably missed some of the earlier discussion - why doesn't WiSP
> on the uplink (conversely, why do we think it works on the downlink?).

One problem is that the rig control (for doppler correction) uses the same
physical port as the TNC - and that means switching the unit somehow out of
KISS mode into rig control mode and back again.

If you're aware of a way we could intercept the Wisp data stream on the COM
port to do this, maybe I could come up with a simple scheme to allow doppler
correction, let me know.

This issue affects the TH-D7A(G), TH-D7E Mk2, the TM-D700 and the TS-2000.

The original D7 had no KISS facility anyway, but both the D7A(G) and the D7E
Mk2 have KISS, with the D7A(G) allowing cross band full duplex operation.

BTW, we think there may also be a KISS bug on the D7A(G) not allowing full
duplex operation to work correctly.

Even without these issues, there's a 9600bps port restriction so RX overruns
are very likely.

But this would be a great way to get more folks onto the digital 9600 sats
without them having to either (a) dig deep (if they already have the rig) or
(b) having to work too hard at it.

Howard G6LVB

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