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Re: auto Doppler tuning

Hmm.. looks interesting, and the description translated reasonably
well with "AltaVista's BabelFish":

Fred W0FMS

SatPC32 for WINDOWS of DK1TB, version 7.2 art. No.: 116, DM 80, - (96, -) 
Here the satellite pursuit program in German language, furthest common with 
the active radio amateurs. Genuine 32 bit application runs under WINDOWS 9x, 
2000 and NT4 as. It permits the simultaneous representation of up to 12 
satellites on the map of the
world. Particularly practically are that one can summarize the different 
satellites in 12 different Sat groups, e.g. only the Pacsats, analog 
satellite, the meteorological satellites or the GOVERNMENT INSPECTION 
DEPARTMENT satellite. Several
instances of the program can run at the same time, so that one can change 
fast from a selection on the other hand. Automatic rotor price increase with 
IF-100 (art. No. 314), RIF-PC (art. No. 304), WinRotor32 (art. No. 305 and 
306) and the EGIS rotor.

Starting from the new version becomes also the KansasCityTracker (KCT) from 
the USA, which supports INTERFACE CF-23 von Kenpro or GF-23 of YAESU and AR 
of EA4TX (selling by company WIMO). The drivers for the latter INTERFACES 
are supplied on a separate diskette (art. No. 11Ã). Doppler SHIFT 
correction for the YAESU Transceiver FT 736R and FT 847, the ICOM 
Transceiver IC 820H and IC-821H and for separate ICOM devices and finally 
also for the KENWOOD Transceiver TS-790 and shortly for the new TS-2000. The 
doppler SHIFT correction functions both for digital and similar satellites, 
which in particular with radio operation over lowflying satellites (LEOs), 
as FO 20 or FO-29 is in the analog mode an inestimable preference/advantage. 
Wisat32, a tracking program without map of the world, and AOS32, daily 
outline for satellite passages are as 32-Bit of programs also constituent of 
the program complex. Also forecast lists including the 
verbindungsmoeglichkeiten between two different locations can be created. 
The program is in the best way suitable, in order to transfer in 
co-operation with WiSP32 (art. No. 147) in the multitasking operation the 
rotor price increase and the automatic doppler SHIFT correction, whereby the 
priorities of the individual satellites can be
adjusted exactly as in WiSP. However the supplement program is DDESat32, as 
described, better in the following suitably for this application, since the 
rotor and frequency data and the priorities from WiSP32 are taken over 
directly. You can view the complete operating instruction here in their own 
browser window as HTM file (approx. 98k) look at or in Zip form (approx. 
25k) download. You can see a list of the innovations starting from version 
3.5 in this text file. In addition the display of the Squint angle and 
display of a Eclipse, i.e. belong whether the satellite is in the sunlight 
or in the shadow. Additionally the sun position and the zone lit up by the
sun can be inserted. The program now gives it also under the art. NR. 119 in 
English language.

>From: dj1km@t-online.de (Reinhard Richter)
>To: Estes Wayne-W10191 <W10191@motorola.com>
>CC: amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org
>Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] auto Doppler tuning
>Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2001 10:21:36 +0200
>here in Germany a program exists which is written by DK1TB and is called
>SatPC32. It performs doppler tuning perfectly with almost all available
>radios including the most recent TS-2000. An international version in
>English language has been prepared and will soon be published and announced
>here on this reflector. Please stay tuned.
>To get an impression you may wish to look at www.amsat-dl.org/vertrieb/ and
>then look at the page Software1. There you will find SatPC32 under the
>Order nr. 116 with screenshots to look at.
>Reinhard, DJ1KM, AMSAT-DL
>> >It's a shame that most satellite tracking programs don't support auto
>> >Doppler tuning via a direct serial connection to satellite radios.  The
>> >only software that does that now is InstantTrack/InstantTune.
>>Then Paul Williamson replied:
>>I wouldn't want to discourage anybody from trying InstantTrack, but The
>>Station Program also supports tuning radios with serial ports.
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