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Re: IPS for IBM-PC? (Was: AO-40 Telemetry News..IHU-Keps??)

aa2tx@mediaone.net (Anthony Monteiro) writes:

> The reason I mentioned it was because IPS was written
> for the CDP-1802 so the COSMAC ELF could run the native IPS that
> runs on the satellite IHU - no port should be needed. What I
> don't know is if some special HW configuration is assumed. It
> would be fun to run the IPS sw on an old 1802 system just for kicks!

Yes, some special hardware is assumed.  The 1802 version of IPS doesn't have
a conventional "console" interface, instead it always works in 512-byte blocks.
All of the P3 IHU's have had custom hardware that uses the 1802's pseudo DMA
capability to load an initial block after reset so that no bootrom is required.

It would certainly be possible to duplicate that functionality, but if you
really wanted to run IPS on a desktop 1802 system, what you'd probably want to
do is "port it" by replacing the block input and output routines with something
more like a normal console interface.

My first system was an 1802, I still have it, and it works fine...

73 - Bdale, KB0G

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