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RE: TAPR tracking system status?

Dave Reinhart said:

> Anybody know what's happening with the az/el tracking system that was
> presented at the AMSAT Symposium in Portland?  I've checked the TAPR Web
> site and can't find anything, emailed the first author and got nothing
> back, not even a bounce.  Anybody heard anything?

Hello Dave,

I am still working on it! :-).  My change in jobs and move really set me
back.  I am finally finding some free time to work on EasyTrak.

Status is, I am finishing up the last prototypes and mailing them to the
alpha testers.  Once feedback is received from them, then we'll create a
beta kit and field them out to beta testers.  I hope that we will be at this
stage come Dayton in May.  I'll have the prototypes there for show and tell.

No date yet for production units.  It all depends on how well the alpha and
beta testing go.

We are working on an enclosure.  WD4FAB has been mechanically engineering
that side and doing a wonderful job.

I hope get some pictures up on the TAPR web site soon and more information.
At present I only have information from the abstract to the paper submitted
to the DCC and AMSAT meeting, plus info on the custom version I made for Ron
Ross KE6JAB for his trip to Antarctica.  The URL is:


Stay tuned, more to follow...

 - Steve, N7HPR

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