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Re: WISP, WispDDE and a TH-D7A(G)


howard@howardlong.com writes:
> You've identified a fundamental problem which afflicts the TH-D7, TM-D700
>  and now the TS-2000 too.

Let me suggest a WISP work-around for the TS-2000, using UO-22 for an 
1. write the frequency before the pass to 435.130 MHz (command mode)
2. launch MSPE when scheduled by WISP (KISS mode)
3. read the calculated downlink frequency and use a serial or parallel port 
output to pulse the DOWN button on the mic jack to keep up with the 
Doppler-corrected frequency.

I know it sounds old-fashioned.  It's probably easier to just use an external 
TNC.  The TS-2000 will work UO-22 out of the box, but it requires manual 
intervention.  I get fully automated operation by using Uni-Trac to control 
the antennas and the rig frequency and an MFJ-1270 TNC connected thru the 
ACC2 port.  Maybe the TS-2005 will have a full-duplex TNC and separate serial 
outputs :-)
Jerry, K5OE
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