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RE: AO40rcv and the Kenwood TS-2000

> Java *has* protocols for calling methods on remote objects, 
> so there's 
> no contradiction here.

Sounds like a different layer to me, it's not a "General Radio Control
Protocol".  Naming it like that should make it clearer at what level
(layer?) I was thinking on.

> The thing I'm working on has a JHTRadio interface, with classes that 
> implement it for each supported radio type, with get and set 
> methods for 
> tuning, reading S-meters, setting power and so forth.

OK, this is getting into that I'm talking about.

> The wierdness is that many radios, especially sat radios, are 
> composed 
> of multiple transmit and receive sections, some capable of 
> simultaneous 
> operation. So I'm questioning that whole model too...how to represent 
> the properties common to a "box" while holding independent the things 
> that are.

Seems to be a lot of inconsistencies between radios.  You'd probably have to
implement all the possible features you'd want, and have the radio interface
component tell the controller what it can and can't do.

> Like in an FT-847 there is a Main VFO, which receives when it isn't 
> transmitting, and in sat mode there are two VFOs that can either 
> transmit or recieve. But you can't swap primary vs.secondary 
> by command, 
> but you can from the front panel. Go figure.

That sounds like somewhere between "brain dead" and "BAD" (broken as
designed)... :-)
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