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auto Doppler tuning

I wrote:

>It's a shame that most satellite tracking programs don't support auto 
>Doppler tuning via a direct serial connection to satellite radios.  The 
>only software that does that now is InstantTrack/InstantTune.

Then Paul Williamson replied:

I wouldn't want to discourage anybody from trying InstantTrack, but The 
Station Program also supports tuning radios with serial ports.

My reply to that:

	I don't suppose you would want to discourage anybody from using software that YOU helped develop!

	I forgot about The Station Program which I actually used with auto Doppler tuning to make my first FO-29 contact.  Yes, it supports full Doppler tuning but it is not "transparent" like InstantTune is with the FT-847.  With The Station Program you must tune across the transponder using mouse-driven sliders.  You can't use the radio's tuning knob.  With InstantTune you tune the radio with the knobs-same as if you didn't have auto Doppler tuning.

	I still say it's a shame that Nova doesn't directly support transparent full Doppler tuning via a serial port for the popular new satellite radios such as FT-847, TS-2000, IC-910, and IC-821.  It should be easy to do.

Wayne Estes
Mundelein, IL, USA

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