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RE: AO40rcv and the Kenwood TS-2000

> We don't need a protocol, only a set of capabilities that 
> need to be available,
> and a set of object methods which support them. Java is 100% 
> network capable.

Which sounds like an application layer protocol of some sort, which is
implemented in Java and rides on top of TCP/IP, just like almost every other
IP based application.  Defining a protocol (and publishing it) for rotor/rig
control information that is communicated between information sources
(tracking s/w, etc) and rotor/radio controllers opens up development to
anyone interested.

> For example, set up one system does real-time tracking. 
> Implement methods which,
> sending a satellite name, return the current az-el; expected 
> AOS/LOS; doppler;
> ALON/ALAT; etc., etc. The system(s) that control the rotators 
> and/or radios
> merely get the required data from the tracking system and 
> command the specific
> device.

i.e. a protocol. :)

> I was thinking of writing my own version of wisp-dde, and 
> setting up the protocol
> myself. But I like the idea of a Java based system much 
> better. Besides, I think
> it's Maggie who is working on a Java-based radio control 
> program. If we play this
> right, we can get it all to fit together. Time to revisit 
> Java -- it's been a
> couple of years since I last used it.

Unfortunately, I'm not a programmer, so can't help with the coding side,
just tossing some ideas into the ring.  This project would be a good one to
embark on.
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