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RE: WISP, WispDDE and a TH-D7A(G)

Hello Paul

> I would like to use WISP, WispDDE and my TH-D7A(G).
> Seems that since the D7 only has one PC connection
> things don't seem right. My pc-to-D7 cable work fine.

> Seems that WispDDE is holding the port open. If I
> start WispDDE first, then WISP. DDE reports * NO
> SATELLITE ** then at pass time WISP starts and reports

I've been looking into doing this for a while now.

You've identified a fundamental problem which afflicts the TH-D7, TM-D700
and now the TS-2000 too.

You need KISS mode to work the sats with WISP - but then how do you flick
the single port between TNC KISS mode and command mode in order to do the
doppler tuning?

Currently there's nothing available off the shelf that does this. Wisp takes
over the COM port you're connected too when it initialises MSPE. And you
can't work in KISS mode and command mode simultaneously - the two modes

Now originally I was looking to do this with some really smart way of
switching the COM port from one mode to another, with virtual device
drivers, using some notes on http://jgav.com/ham/tnc_mode.htm but life's too
short, and you'd lose packets whilst doing it too.

What I've been working on is the following:

Add another function to WispDDE which will initialize the frequencies once
when Wisp starts the pass, prior to MSPE getting it's hands on the COM port:
set the AOS frequency on the Downlink, and the nominal sat frequency on the
2m Uplink via the COM port. After MSPE's got it's hands on the COM port,
send mic button up/down when the 5kHz up/down is required. OK, so you'll
need a slightly more complicated interface with maybe a resistor or two for
the D7 Mic port. The uplink 2m frequncy would not change but then the
doppler's not really a problem in this mode at this frequency on the uplink.

Something to note with the D7 in particular too... its COM port is limited
to 9600 so you're in grave danger of getting RX overruns.

Here's a note from Jeff KB2WQM about it a few months back...

FINALLY got the D700 to work with WiSP, to upload a file to  PACSAT's,
KO-23, KO-25, and UO-22. W4HFZ suggested setting paclen  to126 from 256
inside Wisp, this did the trick. This was a known problem with a DSP-12,
that also applied to the TASCO modem in the D700.  After a day of testing, I
found out that PACLEN of 230 in WiSP, PACLEN 0 in the D700 works on all
Pacsats.WB4APR say's Kenwood confirmed this bug.

You can't  use the D7AG with WiSP to upload to the Pacsat's There still is a
problem with KISS. If there is a work around, I don't know. We will keep

So I don't know if anyone's _ever_ succeeded in uploading with the D7's TNC.

Of interest too...

http://jgav.com/ham/tnc_mode.htm tells you how to switch transceiver modes.
There _is_ a British ham (see http://www.btinternet.com/~g6odt/sunsat.html )
who wrote a program which tracks doppler on UO-22 and SO-35 (RIP) whilst you
send out UI frames. I think Bob's ASTARS package does a similar thing.
Unfortunately they don't work with Wisp: Wisp only seems to understand TNC's
on COM ports.

73 Howard G6LVB

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