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Re: AO-40: Plans for April-June 2001

Dear All,

some quick notes...

> Maybe we should enumerate the possible categories the "unknown force"
> could be in:
> 1) the one some folks have mentioned, aerodynamic asymetries (are we
> certain that the solar panels haven't partially deployed in some way,
> for instance?)

There is no indication that a panel was released and telemetry shows
symetrical illumination etc..  Also at the high spin rate of 17 RPM, those
panels would break off and fly away..
If the Array Release Mechanism would break, than in fact the whole array
would be released, which is certainly not the case.

> 2) thrusts from leaking on-board fluids (but why strongest at apogee?)

These thrusts would need to be synchronized with the spin..

> I'm under the impression that the inertia wheels aren't spinning right
> now; can anybody confirm that? 

The wheels are turned off, they can't spin.

73s Peter

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