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Re: AO-40: Plans for April-June 2001

This is in a little different direction for this thread...
Also do not want to start a round of speculation
and rumors.

Has any report been made as to whether the hypergolic
propellants are still aboard? I recall a post that mentioned
decreased mass of the spacecraft. I have searched but
haven't found any references to the status of the propellants.

The question arises as a result of one poster mentioning
unequal mass distribution as a possible factor in the
present dynamics.

If there are still propellants aboard, do these present
any longer term issues?

Probably should have been a new thread :)

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> Dr. Jim Akres wrote:
> > Won't it be interesting to see what happens here?
> Uh, yeah...I can be patient to see a final outcome as long as the clock
> going to run out on us.
> Would somebody knowlegable about the current orbital dynamics make a short
> comment as to whether Peter's reference to "perigee height is decreasing
> steadily due to luni-solar perturbations" is a hint that things are
> deteriorating or simply a recognition that the perigee is going to be a bit
> lower for a while, and then is going to improve again? That's what I meant
> "long-period variation vs. secular trend".
> The last authoritative word I heard on this subject was that the orbit was
> forecast to be stable throughout the projected lifetime of the bird. Is that
> still true? Or are we in danger of losing the spacecraft prematurely if we
> eventually get more energy into the orbit? We do know the 400N burner is
> defunct; is the mission now riding on whether the arcjet can be brought
> > I'm sure you meant perigee all places above....
> Attention all AMSAT-BB members: Maggie said apogee when she meant perigee,
> several times. <giggle>
> > > Peter is right that the bird is still teaching us things. Wouldn't it be
> > > nice if we knew what she was teaching *before* we actually learned? :-)
> > Now Maggie, here we disagree.  Part of the great thing about learning..and
> > teaching is the mystery of things until the light comes on and then the
> > great satisfaction of understanding and of having helped in that process.
> > What would be really great is if we didn't have to learn this particular
> > lesson.
> Oh, I'm a great worshipper at tha altar of "A-ha!" the Goddess of Epiphany.
> sometimes I'd like to know what *subject* we're studying...I don't have to
> ahead to read "Answers to Selected Exercises" in the back of the text, I
> wanna know what the *title* of the textbook is sometimes. :-)
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