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Re: AO40rcv and the Kenwood TS-2000

Art Goldman wrote:

> But I like the idea of a Java based system much better. Besides, I think
> it's Maggie who is working on a Java-based radio control program. If we play this
> right, we can get it all to fit together. Time to revisit Java -- it's been a
> couple of years since I last used it.

I was working on it--life interevened and I haven't touched the project in about
a month. What I do have in hand does very minimal control of my 847, and will
scan a defined band and show you signal stregth as seen by the S-meter, then you
can click on a particular peak and the radio tunes to it. 

It could be extended to other radios. I want to restructure the object model to
make sense, because what evolved as I wrote this vesrion turned into a pile of
unstructed spaghetti at the object reference level. I want to sit down with John
Melton's  JStation source, load it up into BlueJ and see if there aren't some
valuable ideas for me in there.

That's the next step.

 73 de Maggie K3XS

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