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Re: AO-40: Plans for April-June 2001

Maggie, see below.

Dr. Jim Akers
Dept. of Electrical 
and Computer Engineering
Miss. State Univ. 

On Tue, 3 Apr 2001, Margaret Leber wrote:

> Dr. Jim Akers wrote:
> > I will start the discussion with some spectulation about the alon changes.  
> > Is it possible that something has come lose on the s/c and is acting like
> > a rudder in the very thin atmosphere?
> If it is, I guess it will start acting in the opposite direction 
> (counterclockwise rather than clockwise) after about 180 degress of 
> rotation about the Z-axis, and will show up as the return of decreasing 
> magnetorquing effectiveness.

Won't it be interesting to see what happens here?

> Maybe we should enumerate the possible categories the "unknown force" 
> could be in:
> 1) the one some folks have mentioned, aerodynamic asymetries (are we 
> certain that the solar panels haven't partially deployed in some way, 
> for instance?)
> 2) thrusts from leaking on-board fluids (but why strongest at apogee?)
> 3) some kind of gravity gradient effects (stronger at apogee because the 
> altitude is lower and thus we're closer to our primary?)

I woke up in the middle of the night last night and this was the second
thing on my mind:-) I suppose it could possibly be a combo of one and
three if there was a long stringy thing hanging out....like antenna

I'm sure you meant perigee all places above....
> 4 and >4 ) ?????...
> I'm under the impression that the inertia wheels aren't spinning right 
> now; can anybody confirm that? If so I'm guessing we can rule out any 
> kind of an imbalance resulting in a precession force. Once again any 
> such theory would have to explain why the force esems to mostly be 
> acting at perigee.
> Peter is right that the bird is still teaching us things. Wouldn't it be 
> nice if we knew what she was teaching *before* we actually learned? :-)

Now Maggie, here we disagree.  Part of the great thing about learning..and
teaching is the mystery of things until the light comes on and then the
great satisfaction of understanding and of having helped in that process. 
What would be really great is if we didn't have to learn this particular

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