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Re: Drake noise level

I also get 5-to-7 noise levels with either of these combos:

Unmodified Drake and Conifer "15dB" mast pre, feeding '847 with '847 pre ON, or...

TranSystem unit feeding '847, with '847 pre ON.

I think this is limiting my ability to hear AO40, AO16 & UO11.  I cannot
receive UO11 at all and AO16 is quite hit or miss even on the high elevation
passes (when it's turned on that is).

Could I have an oscillation problem?  Or is the inductor mod fix this type
of noise?

I see signal reports of AO40 of S0-2 with their Drake setups and wonder how
that can be if everybody is having an S5-7 noise baseline!

Obviously, I'm missing something.  Any ideas?


Bill Howell
University of Texas at Austin
College of Fine Arts
Office of Computing Technologies
N5ALO  Amsat 32459  QRP-L 415
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