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Re: AO40rcv and the Kenwood TS-2000

In that respect, Java facilities like RMI, JINI, Object Spaces, etc. are perfect
for remote object location and communication.

We don't need a protocol, only a set of capabilities that need to be available,
and a set of object methods which support them. Java is 100% network capable.

For example, set up one system does real-time tracking. Implement methods which,
sending a satellite name, return the current az-el; expected AOS/LOS; doppler;
ALON/ALAT; etc., etc. The system(s) that control the rotators and/or radios
merely get the required data from the tracking system and command the specific

On the az-el controller I built, I read the az-el info from the serial port.
wisp-dde sends the data there. It can also send radio control bytes, but the
exact way this info is sent doesn't seem to be predictable enough for me to get
the basic stamp to read it reliably, know what I had just read, and either move
rotators or send radio data back out another serial connection to my FT-847.

I was thinking of writing my own version of wisp-dde, and setting up the protocol
myself. But I like the idea of a Java based system much better. Besides, I think
it's Maggie who is working on a Java-based radio control program. If we play this
right, we can get it all to fit together. Time to revisit Java -- it's been a
couple of years since I last used it.

Art, N3OY

Tony Langdon wrote:

> Hello Alan!
> 02 Apr 01 11:10, you wrote to Howard Long:
>  AA> In general, an IP sockets interface is way better than a DDE
>  AA> interface.  In fact, you mentioned the changes for Nova support to
>  AA> wispdde... Well, at some point, I'm also going to put a sockets
>  AA> interface in wispdde.  We'll see if I can talk Michael Owens into
>  AA> adding the same to Nova.
> IP sockets also open the possibility of cross platform systems, if a standard
> for communication is agreed on.  Like a Linux box driving the hardware and a
> Windows box doing the tracking, as an example, or a PC-Mac combo, or just the
> case where the computer with the computational grunt for tracking is in one
> room and there's a simple Linux or win95 box in the shack to drive the
> hardware.
> Tony, VK3JED
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