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Re: AIDC-2733 gain measurement


I believe that "interdigital" would be more correct.  Not completely,
though... in my understanding of the term, a true interdigital filter
grounds the filter's active elements on alternating sides of the filter,
making the thing look like a pair of hands with the fingers interlaced
(hence the term "interdigital").

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Since the TranSystem design has all of the elements grounded on the same
side, I guess that makes it a "digital" filter, no?
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Mahlon - K4OQ

Douglas Braun & Nadia Papakonstantinou wrote:
> A technical nit:  Are these really "comb" filters?  I believe that
> a comb filter is a filter whose frequency response graph looks like a comb.
> These are used in video processing to separate the chrominance  and
> luminance parts of the signal.
> Perhaps they are actually "interdigital" filters?  (I have never seen
> the insides of one of AIDC units.)
> Doug
> At 05:00 PM 4/2/01 , Mahlon Haunschild wrote:
> >Did you re-tune the two
> >comb filters to 2400 MHz before you measured it, or are they still tuned
> >for the stock bandwidth?
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