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RE: IPS for IBM-PC? (Was: AO-40 Telemetry News.. IHU-Keps??)

Hi Tom,
I still have my S100 system, but it has a fault which still requires fixing.
The disks still exist along with all the documentation.
Thanks must go to Tom for getting me into all this, and for all the help in
putting together an S100 system starting around 1978. I just checked and
found I had bought the aluminium bar to make the S100 "crate" in March 1978.
The system was up and running IPS-C before May 1980 for the launch of P3-A.
Again it was the co-operation of many willing AMSAT helpers/volunteers which
made all this happen.
73 de Ian ZL1AOX

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> Douglas KA2UPW asked
> > Is there an IPS port to, perhaps, the 8080 or 8085 ?
> > (And, yes, I do have an 8085 computer in my basement.)
> >
> The answer WAS yes. I say WAS because I doubt that it can be
> reconstructed.
> A disk-based version of IPS for the generic Altair/IMSAI S100
> machines was done
> by Ron Dunbar, W0PN with help from John DuBois, W1HDX and me back
> in ~1980. The
> disk system we used was by Northstar and used single-sided, 10-hole, hard
> sectored 5.25" disks; I doubt that, even if the IPS source disks
> existed, they
> probably couldn't be read today. The 8080 IPS was also based on a
> special S100
> board (called the TRUMP) that provided the 50 Hz real-time clock
> interrupt, a
> time-of-day clock, and used the synchronous modes on an 8250 UART
> to generate &
> decode the 400 BPS psk signals. Dick Daniels, W4PUJ and Ian
> Ashley, ZL1AOX also
> had working N*/S100/Trump systems.  I trashed all my stuff years ago.
> My printed paper copy (from a Model 35 TTY) still exists and
> maybe one of the
> others mentioned above also has some remnants. Also, John W1HDX did an
> independent  Z80 CP/M-based  IPS functional clone. I have no idea
> if it still
> exists.
> In James's book is the source code for kernel for a couple of
> processors, plus
> the IPS code that compiles to make the rest of the IPS core
> system. I'd bet that
> a good programmer could duplicate the kernel with a few days of
> work. I know
> nothing of the details, but I believe that the IPS kernel was
> adapted to the
> PowerPC for AO-40's IHU-2 processor.
> Also, DJ4ZC had an article in a  ~1978-9 issue of BYTE magazine
> (then published
> by Wayne Green. W2NeverSayDie) -- the issue featured Threaded Interpretive
> Languages and included both IPS and FORTH.
> 73, Tom

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