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Re: AO-40: Plans for April-June 2001

Paul Williamson wrote:

> I think you mean "perigee" where you've written "apogee" above.

Ah-yup. You're right. Shouldn't write when I'm this tired. I have this 
"east" vs. "west" problem too...not a good thing for a pilot.

> I would be a lot happier if we could understand the cause of this

> effect before relying on it to carry us through to the preferred attitude.

And we'd be even happier if we didn't have to explain it at all. I 
guess, given that we don't know what's making the current direction such 
an uphill climb--if it reverses halfway around we'll know one more thing 
about it. Right now there's probably as much reason to expect one as the 

I mentioned gravity gradients because I was scrounging for odd forces 
that could be acting on the spacecraft, to get other folk's imaginations 
going; this is pure brainstorming. Seems like I had the desired effect 
in eliciting your number 4. :-)

It's great to see some problems cast out on the assembled multitudes to 
see if it's true that "to enough eyes, all bugs are shallow".

Peter did say:

> Meanwhile, perigee height is decreasing steadily due to luni-solar perturbations...

That's a long-period variation, and not a secular one, I hope?

You know, I'm learning *way* more things in this business than I ever 
expected to when I got into it a couple of years ago, just because it 
seemed like a cool thing to do. ;-)

  73 de Maggie K3XS
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