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Re: AO-40: Plans for April-June 2001

Based on the projected attitudes below, what would be the best range of MAs
to try copying AO-40 on each target date?  Am I right to think we'll be
getting longer periods of good signals starting earlier but still before


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Expected Timetable
The following is our best estimate of the way things will evolve.  The Sun
angle will reach a point where the Sensor will stop seeing the Sun around
April 5th (-0, +3 days).  Then we wait perhaps 4-6 weeks for the Sun angle
reach its nadir, and then recover again.  By this time the alon should
some decent beacon communication.  Although the Sun sensor will not give
data, the temperature profile gives Sun angle clues, as can be seen from
of the historic telemetry record.

  DATE          ALON/ALAT    SUN AZ/EL    SA     ILLUM
  2001 Apr 05     146/0        280/5      -44      72%  ( lock loss )
  2001 Apr 18     110/0        289/11     -79      19%
  2001 Apr 25      90/0        294/14     -63      45%
  2001 May 03      70/0        299/17     -39      77%

The above table is an estimate.  Everything is an estimate.  AO-40 may be
nearly half a year old, but nevertheless we are still learning, and she is
trying to teach us.


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