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RE: AO-40 Uninformed Opinion...

>       This suggests to me that the spacecraft is no longer 
> symmetrical.  If 
> some sheet metal is hanging out in the (tiny) breeze at 
> perigee, then it 
> would fight the torque coils when presented perpendicular to the 
> "breeze".  If this is indeed the case, then the same thing 
> might happen 
> again as we approach the ideal from the other direction, 
> which further 
> suggests that it may not be possible to point the high gains 
> at the earth.
>       This is such a dismal prospect that I hope someone can 
> shoot this 
> theory down convincingly!!

I was wondering if this was the case as well.  However, the result isn't so
much that the high gains won't be able to be pointed to earth, but that the
arcjet motor may not be able to be pointed in the right direction to allow
the perigee to be raised.  This is a bit of a Catch 22, as raising the
perigee would improve the attitude control near perigee, but to raise the
perigee the motor needs to be pointing in the right direction.
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