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BIG FLARE: The most powerful solar flare ever recorded

BIG FLARE: The most powerful solar flare ever recorded --
an X20-class event -- erupted near sunspot 9393 at 2150 UT on
April 2nd. The event was even stronger than a well-known flare in
March 1989 that led to the collapse of a power grid in Quebec. No
such calamities are likely this time, however, because sunspot
9393 -the source of the explosion- is near the Sun's west limb; the
bulk of the explosion was directed away from Earth. (Note:
Monday's flare was initially classified as X17, but it was since been
upgraded to X20.)
The flux of 10 MeV solar protons surrounding our planet has soared
to approximately 10,000 times normal. Such radiation levels pose
no appreciable hazard to air travelers, astronauts or satellites. The
ongoing radiation storm is a NOAA S2- to S3-category event.

source: http://spaceweather.com/

73s Peter

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