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Re: IPS for IBM-PC? (Was: AO-40 Telemetry News.. IHU-Keps??)

> A disk-based version of IPS for the generic Altair/IMSAI S100 machines was done
> by Ron Dunbar, W0PN with help from John DuBois, W1HDX and me back in ~1980. The
> disk system we used was by Northstar and used single-sided, 10-hole, hard
> sectored 5.25" disks; I doubt that, even if the IPS source disks existed, they
> probably couldn't be read today. The 8080 IPS was also based on a special S100
> board (called the TRUMP) that provided the 50 Hz real-time clock interrupt, a
> time-of-day clock, and used the synchronous modes on an 8250 UART to generate &
> decode the 400 BPS psk signals. Dick Daniels, W4PUJ and Ian Ashley, ZL1AOX also
> had working N*/S100/Trump systems.  I trashed all my stuff years ago.


If you or anyone still has a disk with this code, I may be able to read it.
I have squirreled away under the basement steps a Northstar Horizon which can
read and write the, ah, "unique" hard-sectored floppy disks you described.

My wife will now have to hate you, because you've once again validated
my theory of "don't every throw anything away, it might be useful for


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