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Re: AO-40 Reception

Jesse Morris wrote:
> Good Evening to all,
> I heard zip out of AO-40 today and I'm not sure why.  I don't think it
> was my receive setup because I heard both UO-11 and AO-16 this weekend
> for the first time and the AO-16 reception was just a couple of hours
> before I tried AO-40.  Maybe I got a bad set of keps but the pass seemed
> reasonable - I listened from 1715Z (MA240) until the IT predicted LOS of
> 1814Z (MA253) but I did not hear a peep.
> Incidentally, since I put the Drake converter on the mast I have been
> getting some of the impulse type noise that has previously been described
> here.  I first thought it was interference but I now believe it is
> internally generated.  In my case however, I am using a grounded feed
> helix and I have a SM inductor across the input connector of the
> converter. The noise is not continuous but seems to come and go. 


Might you be hearing noise generated by a nearby microwave oven ?

Stands to reason that they will be noisey enough if it is nearby to
cause you some grief .......

Ok , someone let me know if this is so .....

I know SETI@home folks hate microwave ovens , right Ed ?

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