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RE: IPS for IBM-PC? (Was: AO-40 Telemetry News.. IHU-Keps??)


Now you're showing your age.

> I hand-keyed in the 14k of object code of the FigFORTH CP/M
> interpreter into my TDL Zitan (saving it as a 1200 baud audio signal on a
> casette tape, no less)

(a) Now that's an achievement. Not all in one go I hope. Back in the 70's I
regularly keyed in 1000's of bytes of 8080 & Z80 code *even though I had no
means of recording it*. In '76 on an old 2 chip General Instrument CPU (the
first computer I built) I did this with switches and LED's. Lucky it only
had 256 bytes of RAM. 1k of object code keying's enough to make anyone need
a break... I never had assemblers. Myself and half a dozen schoolfriends
often keyed in a hundred bytes of program code (including the jump offsets)
off the top of our heads, much like we use the interactive compilers these
days. Don't ask me to do it now though. Two of those school friends went on
to write AutoRoute. They're now living very happily in very large houses
near Seattle...

(b) Cassette? 1200baud? Damn Silver Spooner. ;-)

I'm too young to join the old f@rts. Really I am.

73 Howard G6LVB

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