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S-reception with helix or small dish?

Hi, All:
        Thanks to all who responded to my request for info on what new
stuff is being used for S-band reception. I am in the process of spiffing
up "Mode S: The Book" for Dayton and am always looking for new and
interesting stuff. I will put a list of web sites here in a couple of days.
        Now, I have two more questions: 
1) Helix antennas (for S-band satellite reception) are availble from Down
East Microwave/Directive Systems and WiMo, among others. They range from 16
to 30 turns. I would like to hear from people who have actually used these
antennas successsfully to get good CRC's from AO40's downlink. My own
expereince with helix's (helices?) on AO-13 was less than wonderful and I
haven't tried them on AO-40. But they seem awfully small.
2) Same question with the small 18" offset feed TVSat dishes. While I had
have reasonable results with a 30" dish, I am interested in knowing how the
smaller dishes have faired.

Thanks in advance!

Ed Krome K9EK
Editor/author "Mode S: The Book"
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