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Re: IPS for IBM-PC? (Was: AO-40 Telemetry News.. IHU-Keps??)

Douglas KA2UPW asked

> Is there an IPS port to, perhaps, the 8080 or 8085 ?
> (And, yes, I do have an 8085 computer in my basement.)

The answer WAS yes. I say WAS because I doubt that it can be reconstructed.

A disk-based version of IPS for the generic Altair/IMSAI S100 machines was done
by Ron Dunbar, W0PN with help from John DuBois, W1HDX and me back in ~1980. The
disk system we used was by Northstar and used single-sided, 10-hole, hard
sectored 5.25" disks; I doubt that, even if the IPS source disks existed, they
probably couldn't be read today. The 8080 IPS was also based on a special S100
board (called the TRUMP) that provided the 50 Hz real-time clock interrupt, a
time-of-day clock, and used the synchronous modes on an 8250 UART to generate &
decode the 400 BPS psk signals. Dick Daniels, W4PUJ and Ian Ashley, ZL1AOX also
had working N*/S100/Trump systems.  I trashed all my stuff years ago.

My printed paper copy (from a Model 35 TTY) still exists and maybe one of the
others mentioned above also has some remnants. Also, John W1HDX did an
independent  Z80 CP/M-based  IPS functional clone. I have no idea if it still

In James's book is the source code for kernel for a couple of processors, plus
the IPS code that compiles to make the rest of the IPS core system. I'd bet that
a good programmer could duplicate the kernel with a few days of work. I know
nothing of the details, but I believe that the IPS kernel was adapted to the
PowerPC for AO-40's IHU-2 processor.

Also, DJ4ZC had an article in a  ~1978-9 issue of BYTE magazine (then published
by Wayne Green. W2NeverSayDie) -- the issue featured Threaded Interpretive
Languages and included both IPS and FORTH.

73, Tom

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