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Drake 2880 as a weak signal source?

Hmmm.  Sometimes I do my most creative thinking in the early morning
hours.  Creative, that is, not necessarily highest quality (I haven't
had my double espresso yet).

Here I sit with a "hacked" Drake 2880 converter in one hand, and a
perfectly good HP 8640B signal generator under the other hand.  Why
can't I capacitively couple the output of the signal generator into the
Drake crystal connections, thereby exciting the PLL in the same way as a
crystal?  Seems to me that the old GLB "Channelizer" synthesizers were
used in exactly this way with the old crystal-controlled 2m FM

If this works, and if I connect the output of the Drake PLL to the type
"N" connector, bypassing everything else along the way, I would have a
tunable 2.4 GHz signal source!  Assuming that the PLL in the Drake locks
up at 9.375 MHz, of course, but this would be easy to check.

Can anyone punch a hole in this?


Mahlon - K4OQ
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