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DART 2001

Dear Friend,

here is your invitation and the newest info to the DART 2001!

English text at first, second in German.

German Amateur-Radioastronomy Convention - DART 2000
The public observatory "Volkssternwarte Zollernalb" at Rosenfeld - Brittheim
is arranging together with ERAC, the European-Radio-Astronomy-Club, an
annual convention for all in radioastronomy interested people -
professionals, amateurs and beginners.
The DART 2001 starts at Mai 25. to 27. 2001 at Rosenfeld - Brittheim from
09:00 - 18:00 h.
Target and sense is, to aid amateur radioastronomers in building and running
their own radiotelescopes, exchanging informations and to become acquainted
with others. So the radioastronomy workshop is an essential part and fixed
topic at DART. There we will have special measurement equipment to gain the
amateurs, to optimise their homebrewed or ready-to-run devices. Lectures
will be held about to radioastronomy related themes. Also there are lectures
held by scientists to get an "interface" to the professionals.
At a little fleamarket, electronic parts, devices or complete
radiotelescopes can be offered.
The region of Rosenfeld - Brittheim is embedded between Schwarzwald and
Schwaebischer Alb. There are a lot of attractive excursion points, not only
to your families. For more information You can ask the tourist office
Your fixed announcement to the DART is needed, to keep enough place! The
charge is 30,- DM/Person and is used to meet all the cost.
The announcement to the DART (http://www.sternwarte-zollern-alb.de/dart/) is
acknowledged by receiving Your charge.
For rooms, you can also ask at the tourist office Rosenfeld. Rooms must be
booked by the visitors. At Rosenfeld is a possibility for camping - ask the
tourist office also.
The Volkssternwarte Zollernalb is glad to welcome you!

The preliminary Lectures at DART 2001

Thuresday, 24.05.2001

14:00 h -18:00 h Receiving the participants
19:00 h having social gathering at "Moempel"

Friday, 25.05.2001

09:00 h Reception/welcome by Sven Alexander Schuch, leader of
ZORA, the Zollern-Observatory-for-RadioAstronomy,
Introducing the organizers and the observatory

09:30 h - 10:30 h Dr. Rudolf Wohlleben, former Leader of the Antennalab
at the Radioteleskope of MPI Bonn/Effelsberg: "SETI Strategies"

10:30 h - 12:00 h Dr. Rudolf Wohlleben, former Leader of the Antennalab
at the Radioteleskope of MPI Bonn/Effelsberg:
"Pulsars und Quasars "

12:30 h - 13:30 h Lunchbreak

14:00 h - 15:30 h Manuel Schiffer:
"Where the matter comes from"

15:30 h - 18:00 h Dr. Martin Miller, stationleader of KOSMA Radiotelescope
Gornergrat of University of Cologne:
"Radioastronomie at extreem short wavelength's - Masers"

19:00 h having social gathering

Satureday, 26.05.2001

09:00 h - 12:00 h Rudolf Kiesslinger:
"Big-bang and black holes in a relativistic view"
"Relativistical gravity without complex maths"

12:30 h - 13:30 h Lunchbreak

14:00 h - 16:00 h Prof. Dr. G. Nimtz, II Phys. Inst. / University of Cologne
"Superluminal tunneling of radiophotones at zerotime"
We will try to present a practical demonstration!

20:00 h - 22:30 h Public lecture
Dr. Ulrich Lehmann, Publ. Obs. Reutlingen and Zollernalb:
"Hubble and the flight of the Galaxies"

Sunday, 27.05.2001

09:30 h - 10:30 h Dr. Pierre Aubry:
  "Watching noisesignals weaker then (<) systemnoise
  by PC: 2D- "3D"-grafic, Auto- and Crosscorrelation"

10:30 h - 12:00 h Dipl. Ing. Christian Monstein, ETH Zürich:
  "Temperature und Temperaturephase of the Moon at
  2,77cm - band"

12:30 h - 13:30 h Lunchbreak

14:00 h - 17:00 h Dipl. Ing. Peter Wright, ERAC:
"The History of Radioastronomy"
"The big Radiotelescope at Effelsberg"

17:30 h Farewell to the participants

Of course there will be also enough time for having coffee, discussions and
viewing the exponates.

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