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AO40rcv software interface


I would like to see a DDE server interface in AO40rcv that supplies the UP
and DN information to other programs. WiSPDDE would require the necessary
software change to read the AO40rcv DDE.
This would allow for existing configurations using WiSPDDE to make use of
the software doppler tracking.

Ideally the satellite tracking software should provide the doppler value or
range rate as calculated by the orbital model (preferably SGP4), and AO40rcv
DDE should deliver the remaining offset doppler value.
WiSPDDE then adds/subtracts the offset value from AO40rcv to the tracking
program supplied/derived doppler value.

I dont use WiSPDDE myself but use my own software to control my DSP
hardware/software radio gear.
Unfortunately I am unable to handle VS 6 C++, the format of Moe's source.

Another wish for an AO40rcv software extension would be the addition of MP3
format when saving audio to file. MP3 format requires only 12% storage
compared to wav file format.

Thanks Moe for an excellent tool for amateur radio satellite work.

As to the difference in computed doppler values vs. the real doppler shift,
I would like to point you to the papers on Dr T Kelso's Celestrak website.
Briefly, the orbit of LEO sats has a sinusoidal nature which is difficult to
predict in orbital models. Therefore the exact AOS/LOS times vary slightly
over time and as a result the computed doppler shift varies by this amount.

Helmut, VK4STR

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