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Re: AIDC-2733 gain measurement

>From: Art Goldman <aegoldm@lts.ncsc.mil>
>With 2401.323 Mhz, -80 dBm input I got 123.358 Mhz, -58.86
>dBm output
>So at our frequencies, I see a conversion gain of only 21.14
>dB, which is considerably less than the 37 dB gain printed
>on the side label.
>Does this correlate with other measurements?


I wonder why you measured gain with -80 dBm input?  That is a pretty strong
signal.  I hope that isn't the signal sensitivity of the 3373.  I would
expect more like -100 or -110 dBm.  It is possible that you were
overdriving the first stage into compression.

You asked: "How much effect should we expect shooting through a maple 
tree with no leaves on it? Enough to completely null the 

This is a possibility even without leaves.  The branches, if thick enough,
may attenuate the signal greatly.  You would be best to have an
unobstructed view.  On ku-band sat-TV my signal was completely wiped out
going through bare birch tree tops [solved quickly with a chainsaw].

Good Luck,

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