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Re: 13cm -> up and down link?

Ralph Quallich (KF4HR) wrote:

> ...and noticed 13cm is not just a downlink, but also an uplink.  Now
> I'm considering a transverter rather than a downconverter for 13cm.
> Would this be a wise decision?

That was my original plan, but now that it *appears* that the lowest
usable downlink frequency is 2.4 GHz, I suspect that the S band is
going to be mostly a downlink band.  Of course, if the problems with
either of the VHF and UHF transmitters are fixed, that could change.
I have decided to save the cost of a full transverter and just use
a downconverter on S-band.  The only downside of going the full
transverter route is the extra expense which may not yield additional
usable function.  Of course, AO-40 won't be the last amateur satellite
ever launched, either. . .

So many choices!
73 de KB0ZEV
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