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RE: AO-40 Reception


Were you able to join us yesterday for the net session that I hosted?

I had the audio from my RX on the net as live mp3 and I served live
telemetry via the Goddard server.

I've been doing this from time to time to give those that are trying to
checkout their systems a chance to do that.

I've copied the list on this note as well.  It seems a few people have asked
this same question.

My equipment on this end is

ts-2000 or ft-847 rx (I used the 2000 yesterday as I wanted to play with the
"transvert" option)
SSB UEK3000SAT Downconverter (.7nf, 30db gain, 432 IF in my case)
Directivesystems.com 52 element loop yagi setup as horizontally polarized.
21dbi on an 8' boom

Yesterday, I was able to hear it out at 42K km at MA200.  I could hear it
off and on from then until AOS which was MA253.  I won't say I could copy a
conversation off of it as the spin mod was pretty bad and the off pointing
was pretty bad.  At the times when I could hear it out that far, it was s0.

At about MA240, it was up to s2-s3 and it peaked at S9+  It was very loud
and the Smeter in the new kenwoods are pretty unforgiving as I've found.

All total, I got 147 packets of telemetry with 30 of them being valid.  I
was in flipped mode on my rotators and I had to swing around at one time as
I have some offset in my antennas that I've never corrected and I ran out of
room on that side of the turn :(...

Oh, well, I'll see about putting together another net session soon.

Hope this helps?


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Don, W4VQA and myself were wondering what your setup was like. You got
fantastic results while we barely were able to see some small squiggles on
the waterfall. We know there is something there, but the S-meter isn't even

We have BBQ grill antennas (+24dBi), DEM converter (+20 dB), and receivers
in the .2 uv sensitivity range. All things being equal, we should be doing

Art, N3OY

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Subject: RE: [amsat-bb] AO-40 Reception

> Jess, AO-40 was just fine today.  I listened from MA230 - MA253.  Got 140
> so telem packets and 30 or so that were good.
> I was listening to it out at 42K KM at MA230.
> Doppler and setup today were just fine, it didn't get very loud until
> then is was S9 at least with a few S9+
> Just thought I'd let you know.  I hosted live audio from it and live
> telemetry via p3t and the goddard server.
> Alan
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> Good Evening to all,
> I heard zip out of AO-40 today and I'm not sure why.  I don't think it
> was my receive setup because I heard both UO-11 and AO-16 this weekend
> for the first time and the AO-16 reception was just a couple of hours
> before I tried AO-40.  Maybe I got a bad set of keps but the pass seemed
> reasonable - I listened from 1715Z (MA240) until the IT predicted LOS of
> 1814Z (MA253) but I did not hear a peep.
> Incidentally, since I put the Drake converter on the mast I have been
> getting some of the impulse type noise that has previously been described
> here.  I first thought it was interference but I now believe it is
> internally generated.  In my case however, I am using a grounded feed
> helix and I have a SM inductor across the input connector of the
> converter. The noise is not continuous but seems to come and go.  It
> appears to be somewhat related to the elevation drive but I can't connect
> it with movement.  It sounds like static type impulse noise but the noise
> blanker does nothing to it so it must have a wide pulse width.  Sounds
> somewhat like rain static but the weather has been clear when I have
> heard it.  I'm thinking in terms of running a ground wire from the
> antenna/converter to the rotor and mast and see what that does.  I'll
> keep you posted.
> Hope lots of people heard the signal and I just made some sort of stupid
> mistake.  Windows 95 (bless it's heart) did adjust the GMT time on my
> computer for daylight savings but I got that fixed before the pass.
> I have not completely mastered the IT ALON/ALAT concept.  I assume that
> since ALAT is currently zero there isn't any reason to change the sign of
> zero!  I added 180 to 170 and used 0/350 as the input for IT.  Of course
> that wont make any difference in actually hearing the satellite.
> 73 de Jess - W4MVB
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