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RE: The Station 1.0 Beta 20 and Kenwood


I really don't know, ... I know that doesn't help you.

I don't have the source code for Station 1 any more, it was lost in an
accident when I moved house a couple of years ago.

Your best bet is to post a message on amsat-bb@amsat.org, and see if anyone
else has had any luck.

I use Icom equipment here, which works great with the program. What you'll
need to do is find someone else with the same hardware.

I do remember that we did manage to get some Kenwood radios to work with
Station, ... but from memory I can't remember what they were.

Sorry I can't be of more help.

Paul, VP9MU

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From: Paulo Pinto [mailto:ct1ete@mail.telepac.pt]
Sent: Monday, April 02, 2001 2:24 PM
To: vp9mu@amsat.org
Subject: The Station 1.0 Beta 20

Hi Paul,

I downloaded this nice piece of software from Amsat ftp site and I would
like to know if I can use my TS-870 with Radio Control method. I configured
my rig using both TS-850 and default without success. I use COM 2 to
communicate with my rig and it works perfectly with my Log program.
I do have a Kenwood TH-D7. Can I use it ???

Thanks in advance for any possible help.

Best 73
CT1ETE, Paulo

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