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RE: AO-16 Mode S reception

Howard, Gang,

> I believe the preferred option (when there's no QSB) is to initially
> automatically/manually get on frequency & then let the Mic up/down AFC
> buttons do the work.

I haven't been closely following this thread so someone may already have
said this ... but

Ten (plus) years ago James G3RUH published a mic-click emulator to go
with the Oscar-14 to Oscar-19 spacecraft. It either worked from the fm
discriminator (for 9k6) or from a frequency detector (for 1k2 psk). 
Certainly I used it for the psk birds and, as I recall, it could be set
for shorter frequency jumps (if your mic-click would take shorter jumps).
QSB wasn't an issue with those birds though.

The mic-click info was included with his psk modem info.

Richard W L Limebear G3RWL
FOC # 1188

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