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RE: AO40rcv and the Kenwood TS-2000


Go for it!!

Simple interface, the serial port # selection is already there, checkbox for
ts-2000 would be fine, will need a baudrate selection combobox.

The logic for each time Moe turns on the DTR/RTS lines, you start sending
"DN;" or "UP;" commands.  BTW the complete syntax is just as stated, the ";"
acts as the command terminator, no need for cr/lf, etc.

I'm not sure a dde structure would work.  With as fast as the doppler is on
ao-40 and 2.4ghz, you'd utilize too much processor dealing with dde (it's a
pig as you know).

Another approach might be a sockets interface.  But don't know how hard that
would be to put in?

In general, an IP sockets interface is way better than a DDE interface.  In
fact, you mentioned the changes for Nova support to wispdde... Well, at some
point, I'm also going to put a sockets interface in wispdde.  We'll see if I
can talk Michael Owens into adding the same to Nova.

If you'd like to tackle a sockets interface with ao40rcv (I know there is
already one there for the telem), that might be able to work.

With a sockets interface in these applications, we can do more client/server
functions.  I'd love to have Nova running on one box and the radio interface
running on a second...or the rotator interface running on a third.  Or
better, the rotator interface being a dedicated little box with Ethernet
that I can put in my basement, or on the tower, etc. All of this allows net
based applications to be developed and explored.

For all those thinking about software... please think in these terms.  Let's
utilize connectivity where and how we can to make our software as flexible
as possible.

Random thoughts, but in a targeted direction,

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Alan I've been looking at this code for a different reason....

...to use it for 1200bps PSK, more as an academic excercise really.

However there's a Russian chap who's doing this so I might not bother!

Sounds like a nice little project.

Do you want me to take a look? I'd be happy to give it a go... shouldn't
take more than a few days I wouldn't have thought - if all you want is a
'special' hard coded version. Longer if you want snazzy rig selection etc

> I have way too
> many projects on my plate

I know exactly where you're coming from.

73 Howard G6LVB

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Anyone out there got some spare time on their hands?  You also have to know
C++ and have Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0.  Moe has provided the code for the
ao40rcv program and I'd like to see if it can be modified to support the
2000 without having to use the DTR, etc lines.

To make this change, you'll have to open a serial port at a specified baud
rate and then send the 2000 "ASCII" commands.

The Kenwood TS-2000 allows you to do everything from the front panel and
microphone in software.  There are commands that you can send it and it will
do a mic-click up or down.

The commands are "DN;" for down and "UP;" for up.  You can also do a
"DNxx;", where "xx" is 00-99 to cause the radio to move "xx" clicks.  Same
for "UP".  Quotes are for reference in this message and are not needed in
the string, but would be needed to reference a string.

I'll be happy to test the outcome, but at the current moment, I have way too
many projects on my plate and don't have the time to make these changes.

Any takers?  Moe, can we twist your arm?

Let me know,

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