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Re: AO40rcv and the Kenwood TS-2000

If I ever find the time, I plan to modify AO40RCV to tune
my IC-821 and/or Kenwood R5000 via CIV commands.  I have the
right software tools, and I already had a glance at the code.

Ideally AO40RCV would communicate tuning requests via
some Wisp-DDE-like interface so it doesn't have to be patched
every time somebody wants to use it with a new radio.

(It doesn't have to be DDE; over the years Microsoft has invented
about 20 ways for different programs to communicate, each twice as
complicated as the previous one.)


At 10:08 PM 4/1/01 , Alan K. Adamson wrote:
>Anyone out there got some spare time on their hands?  You also have to know
>C++ and have Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0.  Moe has provided the code for the
>ao40rcv program and I'd like to see if it can be modified to support the
>2000 without having to use the DTR, etc lines.

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