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AO16 and other stuff

Heard AO-16 weak for 2/3 of it's pass tonight.  This was the first
reception using the new Trans Convertor mounted to the Bar B Q antenna.
Found out some other interesting stuff as well. I was having some
popping type noise intermittantly on the Drake and I thought it was the
fact that I didn't have the inductor on the input. When I put up the
Trans convertor I was having a similiar effect. I was in CW mode on the
736. I switched to FM mode and what do I hear but a Cell phone
conversation loud and clear. It was very wide on the deviation. Looks
like some of the noise stuff might be Cell harmonics. I have a cell site
about 1 mile from my QTH. If anyone else is having this noise problem
try switching to FM mode and see if you hear Cell stuff. I hooked the
Spectrum Analyzer to the convertor and I could see the Cell site nice a
strong right in the middel of the Ham band.

73 Bill WA2TQI

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