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RE: AO-16 S-Band ON!

H, Russ:
        Heard AO-16 again this afternoon. Once again, the signal was weak
and I was not able to make sense of any telemetry. So it goes. Equipment
was different this time; used a 52 element homebrew loop yagi feeding the
Conifer preamp sometimes sold with the Drake 2880 converter, to a Drake
converter. The yagi was well matched to the preamp. Reception was switched
back and forth between that arrangement and my 30" dish with poorly matched
5-turn helix feed and GaAsFET preamp. The dish well outperformed the
looper, but the Conifer preamp is known to be pretty lousy (~2db NF, 8-10db
gain). Will try it next time with a good 13cm preamp (.6 db NF, 20+ db
gain). Reception of AO-40 with both setups confirmed the relative
performance results. The looper with lousy preamp was at least 10db down
from the dish with good preamp. As I would have expected.
        Thanks for turning the bird on! Almost like the old "experimenter's
days", where they would turn off the rag chewing stuff and fire up all the
odd stuff to appease us techno-freaks. I like it.

Thanks and 73,

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