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Transverter/converter saviour?

Whilst at a local ham shop a week ago in London I saw the following on the
2nd hand shelf:

Microwave Modules Transverter Interface Unit.

It was GBP50, but they let me have it for GBP40 ($60) as there were no
manuals available.

I was unsure as to its exact function, but I purchased it anyway.

Externally it's got an HF rig SO239 and a Transverter SO239, and a DIN plug
for power & PTT.

I had the lid off and inside it's got not only external PTT, but also an RF
VOX sniffer.

When switched off, nothing is let through at all.

When switched on with no RF, it acts as a pass through.

When switched on with RF (or PTT), it dumps a large percentage, if not all
of the load (adjustable) into a big juicy heatsink: maybe enough for 50W,
more if you put a fan on it.

Although designed for HF, I've tried it on 2m and the SWR's <1.5:1, and on
UHF it's 2.5:1. As you're hopefully not TX'ing too much power anyway, one
would hope this is not such a big deal.

On question I have: assuming that the relays take a finite time to switch
over, I'd hope that the rise time of the transmitter is slow enough to avoid
catastrophe if you hadn't used the hard wired PTT option.

So I recommend picking one of these units up if you see them at a good
price. It may well save you a lot more than its purchase price.

73 Howard G6LVB

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