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RE: AO-16 Mode S reception

At 12:58 01-04-2001, you wrote:
>Hello Jens
>No - I've never even had the lid off it!
>Didn't realise it was as good as 0.05ppm though...

After 1 - 2 hours of warmup!
That's at least according to AOR, mileage untested.
But having bought the thing i would of course like to believe it...... :-)

>Tried it on AO-16 S band last night with Wisp/WispDDE and I was within 1kHz
>when I tuned in. It was 3kHz out at the end.

How far apart were these in time (time from 1 to 3 khz ?)

>I've never quite worked out how, if these prediction programs can predict
>AOS to within a second, that the doppler can drift by so much. Maybe it's a
>rounding thing and you have to be really really accurate or something.

Dont have much experience with Wisp, but one sec sounds a bit optimistic.
S - band on AO-40 drifts pretty fast, according to those who have seen it, 
and considering that AO-16 is a LEO it should move MUCH faster up and down 
the dial, shouldn't it?. I believe someone on the bb said just a few days 
ago that it was all but impossible to follow accurately without AFC or 
computer control.

Unfortunately my AR5K is the original without AFC, so i am trying to let 
the computer tune for the doppler. there seems to be an error when using 
wispdde, not sure why. it tunes ok but 300khz too low. i must investigate 
it. i use a USB-serial adapter, i wonder if this is it?

73 de OZ1LRG

>73 Howard G6LVB
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>From: Jens H. Jensen [mailto:topcat@hardware.dk]
>Sent: 01 April 2001 11:41
>To: Howard Long
>Subject: RE: [amsat-bb] AO-16 Mode S reception
> >Of course, my radio is very likely not _That_ accurate, although it does
> >have a TCXO.
>Wrong, it is....
>It is 0.05 PPM, if you haven't "improved" it, Howard :-)
>At least according to the manual, it is factoy specs, so they ought to be
>correct, or we could be scr.... ehhhh cheated. :-|
>73 de OZ1LRG

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