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Re: "New" satellite up/downlink.

Hey Tony,

>From: tlang@freeway.apana.org.au (Tony Langdon)
>Tony, VK3JED
>.. nner" means roadkill.

You guys do that, too!  One of my famous Alaskan bush recipe's is "Roadkill
Chili".  You know, step out to the fast lane [we got only one, anyway...and
they all drive fast] and shop for what the evening's traffic has provided:
Moose, Bear, Caribou, Sheep, Hare, squirrel,...skunk?

Speaking of driving, I had a nice visit with my friends in Hope, AK
yesterday [got him watching CNN, again...he's a news junky] and ended up
staying until 11pm, so I got nothing done on my 2.4G stuff by time I got
home [3am].  Hope is one of those sleepy little former gold-rush almost
ghost-towns at the end the road.  I lived there for ten years and still own
property there.

The drive home under a perfectly clear sky, half moon, and no lights for
most of the drive thru the eastern mountains made viewing the northern
lights [aurora], spectacular.  There were great vertical sheets of green
rays in every direction.  The one time I wished I had put 6m mobile in the
car.  Even saw a couple of the chili prospects by the road [moose]!  

Last week on my drive to Anchorage for the Leo Society meeting I nearly
brought a big wolf home on my bumper.  It is a rare sighting when you see
one of those illusive guys.  He got onto the road and stopped by oncoming
traffic and turned right at me...then loped off into the woods [I can
imagine what he was muttering?].  He was a big one over 100 pounds.  Later
that trip I saw a ram with a full curl up on the hillside [anything under
3,000 feet is a hill] near Anchorage.

Sorry for the off-topic banter...we now return your computer to satellites ;-)


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