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Re: "New" satellite up/downlink.

The last that I checked there were no 6M allocations for space 
transmissions.  This is from the USA.  Has this changed to allow 6M for 
space use?  Is it allowed in other countries?


At 01:35 AM 4/1/01 -0600, Ernest A. Erickson wrote:
>I pose to all that are involved with or have influence on, the
>construction of satellite packages for deployment.
>Why has 6 Meters been left out "in the cold" as it were?
>How about a 6M to 2M bent pipe, or a full-fledged transponder with a 6M
>uplink(SSB) to a 2M downlink(SSB & FM) for incorporation into P3E?
>With the availability of frequency agile transmitters and controllers,
>this can be accomplished with little difficulty and the loading on the
>bird/s can be the same as any SSB bird has at present.
>One can "slice" up the SSB band plan into 10, 3 Khz. slots and use about
>300 Khz. total bandwidth, save a guard band for terrestrial CW & FM
>Just imagine the DX one can work during a band opening through the bird.
>Those with 6M all mode gear, but no SSB gear fro 2M can also have a
>"taste" of satellite work and get more involved with AMSAT and other
>satellite clubs all the while gaining valuable knowledge of propagation,
>Keplerian elements and possibly equipment design and testing new ideas
>for even better satellite!
>Just a thought i had last night while i was chasing the buzz on 6 and
>having a blast working VE3s and so on with a mobile antenna and a Yaesu
>FT-620-B running only 10 watts!
>I have to do the watts per mile calcs, but from EN55 where i am, to FN02
>is a fine haul for a limited capability setup such as i have right at
>the moment.
>*****The harder one thinks, the more one learns*****
>I'll be on 50.130 USB during the aurora....Check higher, and call freq.
>also. I'd enjoy a chat from any AMSAT members!
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