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Re: "New" satellite up/downlink.

Hello Ernest!

01 Apr 01 01:35, you wrote to All:

 EE> I pose to all that are involved with or have influence on, the
 EE> construction of satellite packages for deployment.
 EE> Why has 6 Meters been left out "in the cold" as it were?

Simple reason:  6 metres isn't available in all parts of the world, it's not a
truly global ham band.

Mind you, it would be a nice choice for some applications (e.g. "no tune" bent
pipes), but we can't use it, to my knowldge.  Sort of like trying to use a 220
MHz downlink.  The digital TV broadcasters here wouldn't be too impressed with
a bird QRMing VHF channel 12 as the bird passed over VK!. ;-)

Mind you, existing analog broadcasters wouldn't like a 50 MHz bent pipe QRMing
channel 0 TV! (wouldn't be a prob for VK above 52 MHz, but other countries
don't have 6m at all).

Tony, VK3JED

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