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Macro Translator

Hi Guys,

Here is something that I have been working on for the past few months and
would appreciate your thoughts.  It may have particular application to you
programmer types.

73, Roy

Internet: w0sl@amsat.org
Home Page: http://home.swbell.net/rdwelch

                               Sentence Profile

     Form operators strings as sets of four-digit hexadecimal numbers
     X'000 and X'FFFF.  Sets may be of any length desired, but should
     null values periodically to insure the inclusion of occasional
     breaks.  Approximately 15-20 individual operators are required to fill 
     each typewritten page.  For better reader comprehension, make sure no
     adjacent operators have the same value.


     Note that each operator is made up of three or four digits each having
     assigned place value in the hexadecimal numbering system.

          Operator  ::= {m}16^3 + [n]16^2 + [p]16^1 + [q]16^0 
     An operator may be composed of values for m, n, p and q or for n, p,
and q.

               Good output is obtained when values for m are used 
               only every 3rd to 7th operator.  Too frequent use of 
               four-digit operators results in output exhibiting loose 
               paragraph structure.


     The translator operates within the Macro Assembler System as a major
     function.  Basically, it is a table look-up translator operating in
     synthesis phases, each phase interpreting in turn, values assigned for
m, n, p, 
     and q.  An output phase follows the synthesis phase to produce a
string of 
     English characters which, when processed by a photo typesetter or
computer output 
     microfilmer, will produce full pages of grammatically correct verbiage
     may be used in a number of different ways.  The tables in section 2
show the 
     parametric text values currently implemented in the synthesis phase,
and those 
     tables may be used to manually plan text strings when especially
     verbiage is to be produced.


     The tables which follow show the specific string values assigned to
each of 
     the numeric values allowable in operands.  Additional tables can be
     if specific treatment of a narrow subject field is required, but
     assistance is required to modify the translator.

2.1 VALUES OF {m}

     0.  Therefore,
     1.  In particular,
     2.  During the coming fiscal year,
     3.  However,
     4.  As a result of last year's planning,
     5.  In this regard,
     6.  Based on long-range plans,
     7.  Thus,
     8.  In respect to specific goals,
     9.  Similarly,
     A.  As a basis for understanding,
     B.  In order to realize significant cost savings,
     C.  Typically, 
     D.  To assure timely acceptance by industry,
     E.  To centralize management of decentralized operations,
     F.  The hierarchical structure notwithstanding,

2.2 VALUES OF [n]

     0.  the optimum allocation and control of corporate resources
     1.  a large portion of the industry's communication
     2.  a constant flow of effective information
     3.  the characterization of specific criteria
     4.  initiation of critical system development
     5.  the fully integrated development program
     6.  the product configuration baseline
     7.  any associate supporting element
     8.  the incorporation of additional fiscal constraints
     9.  the over-riding consideration
     A.  a primary interrelationship between technologies
     B.  our unique application of network theory
     C.  the ready recognition of explicit used requirements
     D.  the underlying power of the C-System control mechanism
     E.  a configuration for total management information and control
     F.  the orderly expansion capability

2.3 VALUES OF [p]

     0.  has produced industry-leading advances in computer technology to
     1.  must utilize and be functionally interwoven with
     2.  maximized the probability for success and minimizes cost and time
required for
     3.  adds explicit performance limits to 
     4.  necessitates that urgent consideration be applied to
     5.  requires considerable fiscal restraint to arrive at
     6.  is further compounded when taking into account
     7.  presents extremely broad challenges to
     8.  recognizes the importance of other programs and the necessity for
     9.  effects a significant implementation to
     A.  adds overriding performance constraints to
     B.  broadens the state-of-the-art horizons of
     C.  reduces the cost of application of
     D.  can be achieved on a timely basis for
     E.  must optimize the cost-benefit ration of
     F.  effects an opportunity for

2.4 VALUES OF [q]

     0.  the open-ended concept of implementation.
     1.  the sophisticated hardware elements.
     2.  the anticipated next generation equipment.
     3.  the C-System compatibility performance.
     4.  the system design, based on proven engineering concepts.
     5.  the preliminary qualification limit.
     6.  the philosophy of commonality and standardization.
     7.  the evolution of profit ratios over a given time period.
     8.  the broader concept of C-System.
     9.  any discrete mode of operation.
     A.  the total system rationale.
     B.  the parallel processing power of the C-System.
     C.  the fully modular design approach.
     D.  the key factors involved.
     E.  the limitless expandability of the system.
     F.  the new vendor-contractor relationship.


     The successful use of the system depends on the careful selection of
     strings.  Literal strings of hand-composed English characters can be
     periodically if the uses is exceptionally skillful, but such practice
     works for the average user.

     Fast-paced text can be generated if the operand strings are formed
from digit 
     values taken from fast-moving natural events.  For example, successive
     numbers taken from cars passing on a nearby freeway, or the serial
numbers of 
     freight cars in passing trains, both produce nearly random and very
     verbiage strings.

     For a slower pace as, for example, in producing autobiographical text,
     can be taken from personal events such as birth dates and important
     dates of the user or his relatives.  Social security numbers, Army
     numbers, foot locker combination lock numbers, and many others lend a
     personal and reflective flavor to the output.

     For truly plodding text, such as is favored by those of scientific or
     bent, offline algorithmic devices can be used to produce, at a slower
     ponderous operands strings of great precision and weighty import.

     Other techniques will occur to the user as he becomes more familiar
with the 
     translator.  It is critically important, however, not to review the
     pages of verbiage because doing so invariably inspires the user to
improve the 
     output by the manual insertion of literal strings.  As mentioned
earlier, this 
     is to be attempted only by skilled professionals, and their
contributions are 
     to be avoided at all costs.

     I have not yet settled on an acronym for this program as yet and would
be glad
     to receive any appropriate suggestions for one.
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