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Proposal: FM ListSAT

FM satellite operations tend to be chaotic in populated regions, so I propose that we develop a protocol to control the chaos on future FM satellites.  A control station could receive email requests to use a satellite during a particular time slot.  The requests could be compiled and filtered by the control station based on several criteria:

1. How often the station has used the satellite recently (with the objective to favor new satellite operators over repeat users).
2. The rarity of the operator's grid, state, and/or country.
3. How much money the operator has contributed to AMSAT.
4. How much money the operator has contributed to the control station.

The control station would then upload a file to the satellite containing a schedule of callsigns and assigned timeslots.  At pre-determined times, the satellite would use a voice synthesizer to call the stations one at a time.  For example, something like "Whiskey Four Alpha Bravo Charlie, make your call".  Then W4ABC could call the station of their choice.  After about 30 seconds, the satellite would momentarily disable the uplink receiver and announce the next station that is permitted to make a call.

You may think, "what prevents someone with 1 kW and an EME array from breaking in?".  The only reasonable solution is "active" control operation on every pass.  That is, a control operator must monitor every pass, poised to immediately switch off the transponder if necessary.  If an alligator breaks in on the list, the control operator would shut down the transponder for several minutes, possibly for the remainder of the pass.  Kind of a "human LEILA".  The alligator would not be able to complete a contact, and everybody would hear the callsign of the station that broke in on the group that was patiently waiting for their callsign to come up in the list.  The offending alligator would get lots of hate e-mail to encourage them to stop their evil selfish behavior.

I am confident that the brilliant minds on this group will be able to refine and implement this concept in time for the next FM LEO satellite launch.

Best 73 and Happy April Fool's Day (a little early),

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA

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