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RE: Satellite Idea

On Fri, 30 Mar 2001, Tony Langdon wrote:

> > Here is a complete beginners automated satellite ground station for 
> > almost a dozen satellites for LESS than the $500 cost of the 
> > typical OSCAR class rotator:
> One slight hitch, you left out one item. :)
> 6)  Suitable piece of real estate		$$$$

Ah, it all fits in a briefcase!  Well, actually, a medium sized suitcase
that I take to demos.  It includes the ROTATOR, CONTROLLER, an old $25 DOS
laptop, a 1 foot mast,  two small 3 element UHF beams and the Kenwood HT.
I even put the HT out in the parking lot with the ROTATOR and antennas so
there is no coax run, no preamps or anything required.

Thus I only need a 3 conductor wire for the TX/RX data and only 2
conductor tiny speaker wire for the rotator control.  I usually run
one other pair of wires to a speaker so that you can HEAR the voice
passes.  But actually the same 3 wires for data could be used for speaker
if I thought about it... since data passes and voice passes are not at the
same time.

I can do these demos in a basement conference room, as long as I bring
enough tiny wire...  The atnena is on the ground in the parking lot...

P.S.  a 100' spool of tiny speaker wire takes up very little space in the

de WB4APR, Bob

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