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RE: Lets use the 3 1200 baud PSK sats!

Bob et al,

> 4) A PSK demodulator.  (Drum rolll please.... THIS IS WHAT IS NEEDED)

Before I commit myself to potentially failing and letting folks down, I'd
like considered opinions on the following idea I had...

Having read (and not understood) several DSP texts, I was considering an
alternative approach to dipping my toe into the DSP abyss. In a more
practical way, I was looking at re-engineering the BPSK 400 AO40RCV software
to decode the BPSK 1200 downlink.

As a veteran C programmer of 15 years, the programming's not the problem,
but the DSP part will be. The AO40RCV code's very readable.

Would this be an 'easy' thing to do, or am I trying to run before I can

73 Howard G6LVB

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