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Non-ham operations in Japan (Re:UO-14)

Hi Tony. This is Yoshi.

At 2001/03/29 20:33:49 Tony Langdon wrote:
> I'm a bit surprised, thought Japan would have been heavily regulated (like
> here).

  Yes. Heavy regulated, .... but not controlled enough. :-(

  I think that the almost of illegal operators on ham band in Japan

1) Drivers of Dump truck or Long distance transporter. They used
   ham equipments for the purpose of lagchueing with other driver
   about gumbling over something or exchanging info of police
   checkpoint. They usually overload so they need to exchange that
   kind of info. And to protect their "own" channel, they are running
   SUPER power output and talking everytime. They are the worst

2) Taxi drivers. But not for taxi service, they are using 400MHz
   legal commercial radio for their service. Drivers just using
   ham radio equipments only for their fun - but illegaly :-<
   I do not understand why they do not announce their callsign, and
   why they use our Satellite subband for their talk. Their talking
   words is not so different with us... so maybe not licensed?
   Fortunately, They are not useing the uplink channel of FM birds
   and weak. So now they do not infruence us so much.

3) Persons on personal fishing boat, skiing, onboading hung-grider,
   baloon or some kind of lite aircruft. Some of them are not
   licensed and talking with licensed persons (ofcouse it is illegal),
   but they will not try to occupy their own channel, and their
   output power is too small. Most of them were went to legal UHF-CB
   system so it is very few now.

  The person like as the 1) case above, should use CB radio service
likes as U.S. But there is no legal mobile-CB system in Japan.
ofcouse may some of you knows, there is some sort of CB radio in

a) 8ch handheld 0.5W service on 27MHz.
b) 90ch mobile 5W service on 903MHz (called "PERSONAL RADIO")
c) 20ch handheld 0.01W service on 422MHz. (called "UHF-CB")

  The Japanese government offered (b) systems about 12 yeas ago,
to reduce illegal radio operators on 27MHz and ham-band. But 903MHz
5W is not enough to reach so far, and 903MHz radio was designed for
automatic identify. Most of truck driver do not want to identify
themselves (maybe due to their overload :-p ). So the worst trukers
group did not move into that legal position.
  If we complain them on the air, they might said as "PERSONAL
RADIO is out of question! Ham band is the only one way for us!
You are just playing but we are doing to keep our life. Which
is important? Shutup! Get away from MY CHANNEL!".... :-<

  We hams sometime report their informations (numberplate or company
name on the side of their mobile, nickname or focuspoint) to PTT,
but mostly did not actioned any... :-<  PTT might be busy to keep
their paperwork in their office!, or maybe busy chasing another
illegal operations on cellerphone band...
  And even if the illegal operator had arrest "unluckyly" at once,
there is only too small penalty - small fine, just taking their
cheap rigs away. They will be never suspended from their business
or imprisoned. They will not get any fine or penalty of their
driver license. So! they do same thing soon again!

  We common peoples have no rights to arrest them directly. Owning
ham radio without license is not illegal in Japan. Selling ham radio
gears to them is not illegal also. PTT do not work well and have not
right to suspend their business or driver license to terminate their
business. Police is busy for traffic work but checkpoint will be
known soon by their radio...
  What should I do to drive them away? Pour Gasoline their truck
and put fire?  Clush their radio on their driver seat with hummer?
Cut off their cable just beside of their antenna? Put a dinamite
into the radio shop who are offering ham gears for them?

  If the PTT permit, I want to put much numbers of hi-power INTERFARE
stations on all the channel of sat-subband at everywhere, to block
out any kind of communication everytime, during 1 or 2 years term!
If they want to use our ham band due to its usability, it is only
the effective way to wipe out them... How about this too bad idea ?
.... x-p

  Oh sorry. It had become off-topic.

> How are the 70cm uplinks?  Here, 70cm is clear (so-35 in mode B was
> excellent, even over Asia).

  It is very clear at my QTH (urban area of JA6). Sometime we can
not hear any signal both legal or illegal on the band :-) Maybe
due to the popularize of cellerphone, most of illegal operator
went out from ham-band. Cellerphone is easy to contact, and suburbs
mountain areas is no good for radio.
  But in the heavy traffic areas of Japan, likes as JA1,JA2 or JA3,
the condition is same as 2m (or bad much more).

  And the voice is coming not only from Japan. When I was operating
on SO-35 mode-B, there was much QRM in japanese and chinese (sometime
korean) language, but not in southeast asian languages. I think that
many chinese or korean fishboats in the eastern-china sea, or truck
drivers on the china mainland, are using cheap radio for ham 430MHz
that had imported from Korea or Japan.

  So Maybe it is specially around of Japan. 435MHz is also not useful
for Sat.

  These 435/436MHz illegal or commercial stations may not be using
so much power. I could bleak their QRM on SO-35 with 2W and 4 element
handheld yagi beam sometime, or 10W and 4 element usually. Some of
Japanese hams accessed with 20W and whip antenna from their car mobile.
The 2m downlink of SO-35 was strong enough to wipe out the non-ham
comms on 145.825MHz so it was the best FM bird for us... but it had
lost ... x-o How sad!
  But they are still infruencing us of urban areas for receiving
the downlink of FM birds on 435Mhz. I can hear UO-14 clearly at
here, but many stations in JA1 urban area cannot hear...

  This is the special conditions only within Japan. We Japanese
have to solve this problem by ourselves. But please note this things
on your mind who are living another areas.

  Thank for reading.

Yoshihiro Imaishi JF6BCC/KH2GR
GL:PM53JV, ex KC6IY(T88IY),V63BP
mailto:jf6bcc@jarl.com or jf6bcc@jamsat.or.jp
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